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How To Automate Sales Quotes Through Pipedrive CRM

Business automation isn’t like it was in the 90s and mid-aughts. Not even close. The advent of Web 2.0 and customer relationship management (CRM) systems elevated the automation game, and even small business owners are beginning to take note.

The sales quote automation software has gone through a renaissance over the last decade. However, the software development and engineering side of the business had to address some old school problems.

Chiefly, companies, both large and small, have a patchwork of networks that require users to input information manually. What’s even more incredible is that accounting software sits on the back end somewhere else and does not connect with the rest of the system.

How does that make sense?

It doesn’t. In fact, Paycove was built to address this very problem.

The Solution: Pipedrive + Paycove

Paycove integrates with a company’s existing Pipedrive CRM (among others) to automate the sales quote process, provide real-time data, and receive beneficial insights related to the company’s sales quotas. It’s the simplest way to automate sales quote generation efficiently and effectively.

5 Steps to Automating Sales Quotes Using Pipedrive + Paycove

Not only is the Pipedrive/Paycove partnership a powerful one, but it is also effortless when it comes to getting the two systems to work together. To automate the sales proposal and quoting process, take the following steps toward victory:

  1. Ensure that there is an integrated connection between Pipedrive and Paycove
  2. From the Paycove account, find ‘settings’ and then click ‘CRM settings.’
  3. Untoggle the relevant sales pipeline in the upper right-hand corner of the web page
  4. Specify the trigger stages within the pipeline that tell Paycove and Pipedrive when to send sales quotes.
  5. Save all changes and resume working within either program.

That’s it. From this point on, anyone who creates or moves a new deal into Pipedrive, Paycove automatically performs the sales quote automation actions associated with the triggers that one specified during the set-up process. It takes just a few minutes to produce custom quotes.

There are several benefits and efficiencies created using the Pipedrive/Paycove pipeline. Do the company and sales teams a favor by investing in a solution that not only generates sales quotes quickly but also works with your existing CRM and doesn’t slow it down.

What Is Pipedrive CRM?

Pipedrive’s flavor of CRM is sales and customer-centric. They built their platform around these two critical concepts of any business. After all, it’s sales that bring in the majority of a company’s revenue, so having the right tools available means wider margins for the operating firm.

Basically, it’s an all-in-one, out-of-the-box application with cloud functionality to help sales managers and business owners make their sales process more impactful daily. Key features of Pipedrive include:

  • Deal Management Tracking
  • Communications Monitoring and Analytics
  • Insightful, Performance-Reporting Dashboards
  • Mobile and IoT Device Ready

However, Pipedrive does not have sales quote automation functionality. Why? Answering this question requires a simple understanding of application development: applications should be no bigger than they need to be. When developers start adding too many ‘bells and whistles,’ programs slow down, and problems can occur throughout every level of computing.

It’s not an ideal situation for the end-user or the clients they are trying to serve. ‘Overprogramming’ an application can have the opposite effect, so that’s why CRMs integrate with other apps. The two share technological resources available to create an even more robust system.

This concept is the exact reason why Paycove chose to integrate with Pipedrive and vice versa. When companies integrate Paycove and Pipedrive CRM, the results are incredible. Not only can they benefit from the technologies provided by Pipedrive as a standalone product, but they add additional functionality using Paycove.

Some of the most attractive benefits of integrating the two systems include:

  • Sales Quote Automation
  • Real-Time Updates Regarding Deals
  • Automated Invoicing
  • Accepting Payments Online
  • Push/Pull Deal Syncing
  • Templates or Custom Quotes
  • Control What Pipedrive Data Appears
  • Product Library Syncing

Here’s how it works: companies that utilize Pipedrive as their CRM of choice seamlessly integrate Paycove with their account. After specifying trigger stages within both systems, sales teams can start creating sales quotes when the lead meets the criteria involved.

Paycove’s sales quotes sync the following fields in real-time: deal, product, custom fields, and contact information.


Out of all of the complexities in this world, sales automation seems to make the most sense. This assertion is particularly true when it comes to automating sales quotes for sales teams in every industry and company size.

When managers can automate the sales quote process, they give their people the chance to focus on what they do best: close deals.

Not only that, but it takes a fraction of the time to generate the same end-result. These efficiencies mean that they can make more sales since they create quotes as soon as the client makes the request.

But shouldn’t salespeople be handcrafting their own quotes and proposals for the best result?

Nonsense. Their job is making sales, not filling out the same information over and over again through a clunky, manual template. Getting rid of the processes that hold them back is not only smart business; it just makes sense.

Add Paycove to Your Existing Pipedrive Account

After reading this, you are likely convinced that it’s critical to automate the proposal process when it comes to sales management. Consider taking a Paycove test drive for the next two weeks. Sign-up is simple and doesn’t even require a credit card to get started.

Find the right plan that meets the needs of your organization today.

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