Creating a sales invoice with Pipedrive

How to Create Invoices Through Pipedrive CRM

How to Create Invoices Through Pipedrive CRM

There is a dichotomous joy and pain that exists when it comes to invoicing customers.

If that doesn’t sound too weird, think about it: on the one hand, you are sending out an invoice for cash that your business can use. On the other hand, you subject you and your team to the countless hours spent every year manually inputting your data from Pipedrive into generating them.

The good news? You are no longer required to spend time on this unnecessary, time-consuming function. Paycove is the solution for which you have been searching. Perhaps you didn’t even know invoicing automation existed. Well, welcome to a new world of time- and money-saving possibilities!

Automate Your Invoice Process

With Paycove, creating invoices through Pipedrive can be performed in a snap. Your team is able to remove the unnecessary extra steps and time-consuming tasks associated with billing customers from Pipedrive – and spend more time focusing on sales.

Unlock the power of Paycove with robust features including:

  • Invoice automation, management, and processing
  • Payment processing that offers multiple options to your customers
  • Consistent data that updates in real-time using two-way syncing

You can check out an example invoice created with Paycove’s Pipedrive invoicing tools here.

Uninterrupted Workflow Integration

When integrating Pipedrive invoicing with Paycove, you don’t have to worry about any downtime, either. You can start creating invoices and quotes while still leaving your pipelines and sales processes live. On the user-friendly backend, set up trigger stages that instruct Paycove and Pipedrive to work in tandem and generate invoices as your customers move through your sales funnels.

Your data always syncs in real-time with your contact lists, deals, and custom fields. Think about how much time and money you can save by eliminating the demanding task of manually creating invoices and quotes.

Pipedrive Invoicing with Paycove: Your Step-by-Step Guide

If you are ready to unlock the advantage of a cloud-based solution that creates more efficient workflows, increases productivity, and streamlines the billing process, then creating invoices through Pipedrive with Paycove is the answer to your prayers.

Watch the video or check out our step-by-step guide below to supercharge your sales pipelines using invoice and quote automation software.

Step 1: Sign up for a Paycove Account

You can quickly sign up for a Paycove account through the homepage. Paycove is currently offering a free, 14-day trial.

Simply initiate the account sign up process by selecting ‘Pipedrive’ from the sign up page and follow the screen prompts to finish the transaction.

Step 2: Integrate Paycove with Pipedrive

As you sign up for Paycove, you can further integrate the platform with your Pipedrive data. Paycove automatically syncs your sales data and you can control where to display it from the ‘templates’ settings page.

You can even set up your payment processing preferences, as well. To integrate your payment systems, simply visit the ‘integrations’ tab under the left-hand drop-down menu via Paycove. Select your payment gateway processor and follow the on-screen instruction to finish the integration.

Step 3 (optional): Review Your Sales Pipelines

When you sign up you’ll be prompted to select your trigger stages for the points at which you wish you automatically generate quotes and invoices. After signing up you can quickly turn on/off your sales pipelines from the CRM Settings page.

Step 4: Move a Pipedrive Deal into the Selected Trigger Stages

After you turn on your sales pipelines, move a relevant deal into the trigger stages you set up in Paycove using Pipedrive. Paycove and Pipedrive work together seamlessly on the backend to perform the instructed actions.

Step 5: Watch Your Invoices and Quotes Automatically Populate

As previously stated, the two systems work together to generate invoices and quotes. If it takes a few minutes for new items to appear, fret not. It may take a little time at first. Simply click ‘sync CRM data’ under your invoice lists. Presto.

That’s really all it takes to integrate Pipedrive CRM with Paycove. You unlock so many capabilities and advantages that were previously an idea that so many wish they could access. And now it is under an affordable, paperless solution.

Again, Paycove is currently offering a free, 14-day trial of the service. After that, a monthly subscription plan begins at $59.99 per month. Enterprise accounts are available for organizations that need a more comprehensive, custom solution. 

Paycove also provides top-rated support in case things are tricky to figure out on your own. Although, if you are the kind of individual who likes to troubleshoot or customize your systems using a community knowledge base, Paycove provides countless self-service articles to get you back up and running quickly.

What Is Pipedrive?

Pipedrive is an award-winning sales customer relationship management (CRM) system that business owners and entrepreneurs rely upon to make their sales process more efficient and effective. Applications, like Paycove, can seamlessly integrate into your existing pipelines without slowing your entire network down.

Users can take advantage of Pipedrive’s tools to manage deals, set goals, tracking sales numbers, manage communications, and spot opportunities. The company recognizes the need for business automation tools that work for the business, not against it.

Final Thoughts and Considerations on Creating Invoices Through Pipedrive CRM

There are several compelling reasons for which business professionals will want to integrate Pipedrive CRM with Paycove. Doing so allows you to save time by nixing the need for manual data entry (which usually leads to errors and duplicates). Don’t spend time working on tasks that technology can now manage for you and your sales teams.

Therefore, you have time to focus more on what matters most: making sales and providing top-notch customer service. Imagine how it looks to a customer when you can accurately create invoices and quotes every single time and with little delay. It seems like they chose a polished vendor with whom they can trust to elevate their business, too.

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