Partnering with Gravity Payments

Partnering with Gravity Payments

In the midst of a global pandemic, electronic documents and payments are rapidly gaining popularity. It’s harder now than ever to get in the office and schedule face-to-face meetings with clients, especially those who are not local. With a plethora of travel restrictions and a list of other complications due to Covid-19, companies are desperately looking for a solution. The partnership of Paycove and Gravity is the solution that companies need to give themselves some peace of mind.

Since you have taken the time to read this, you most likely already use Paycove for your invoicing needs. While Paycove has always been ahead of the game in offering these services, the partnership with Gravity gives you new payment options as well as access to POS systems, Loyalty and Gift program options to name a few.

 That being said, it was time to offer more options for our customers so they complete these tasks with ease and efficiency. Partnering with Gravity gives small and mid-size businesses more opportunity to be a one-stop shop for their customers. With this partnership, Paycove now has the ability to completely integrate multiple CRM’s, accounting platforms, ecommerce sites, and both POS and ERP systems.

Gravity Payments has been one of the most trusted name in credit card processing for the last sixteen years. They aim to offer their customers honest, fair pricing alongside welcoming customer service and consulting services. As you already know, these are values that are very important at Paycove.

At Paycove, we bridge the gap between software solutions to help them better communicate with each other. By streamlining the process of producing a quote to the final payment collection, adding Gravity to the mix was a clear choice to assure that our customers are receiving the efficiency and customer support that they deserve.

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