Top 6 CRM’s for Paycove

Top 6 CRM’s for Paycove

Paycove has the ability to integrate with many different CRM programs to provide whatever your business might need. Each CRM offers different services so you have the ability to choose which one you feel matches best to the needs of your company. Paycove has the ability to connect with any CRM you can imagine, but here are the top 6 that we find work best: Hubspot, Pipedrive, Salesforce, Pipeline, Freshworks and Salesforce. Each one of these programs offers a different experience for the consumer, but we can assist in the process of choosing which one to create the perfect system for you if you’re unsure of where to start.

Number 1: Hubspot

Hubspot is a very popular CRM choice for Paycove users. Hubspot logs all of your sales activities automatically, meaning you don’t have to worry about uploading certain information every time there is an update with a sale. Not having to manually update makes the process much quicker, and gives you one less thing to worry about when trying to close a deal. You can sync the Hubspot Sales program with your email account, allowing it access to every meeting, call, and email sent regarding the deals in question. Doing this allows you to see every detail about a client, whether that is an address or an email you sent them over six months ago, all in one place without having to spend extra time looking elsewhere. Not only can it has access of previous meetings and calls, but you can also set up meetings through the CRM program, and offer a live chat service for your customers who might not have the time for a one-on-one meeting.  Connecting with this program makes the entire sales process much easier on your sales team, giving them more time to bring in more leads, resulting in more customers for your company. Hubspot allows you to start all of these opportunities free of charge as well, making it extremely accessible for small to mid-size companies looking to simplify their CRM services. They also offer a paid version, which offers a few more advanced services to help organize the data, scale your team, and even close more deals.

Number 2: Pipedrive

Pipedrive is another very popular choice. Much like Hubspot, they automatically log every aspect of the deal process to simplify the data. Pipedrive offers a straightforward deal timeline, making it extremely easy to follow along no matter how familiar you are with the process. Pipedrive gives you the ability to personalize the stages, or you can choose one of their pre-existing templates. During every step of the stage, they give you the ability to set reminders for calls or meetings, while offering tips on what the CRM thinks you should do next based on the information they’ve gathered. Pipedrive prides themselves on “coaching” their user’s performance to make sure they make all of their target goals. You can track how close you are to your goals and use their tips to help keep yourself on track. They have a mobile app so you can stay in touch on the go as well. Pipedrive is a very transparent CRM, so you can always see how and where your data is being used, ensuring that your private information is safe and secure.

Number 3: Pipeline Deals

Pipeline offers a slightly different experience for the two above. Unlike Hubspot or Pipedrive, Pipeline offers a list view of deals instead of a timeline view. This program was created by experienced sales people and is simplified to focus only on the most important information that is needed for the sales. To make it a bit easier, you can filter your deals into many different sections, making any deal accessible by the click of a button. You can also assign certain tasks to different people on your giving, making it easy to collaborate from separate times. This is a great feature for the current times, when most don’t have the opportunity to work directly with co-workers in the normal office setting. Similar to other CRM’s, you can sync your Microsoft Office 365 or Gmail to Pipeline, and send emails without ever having to leave the Pipeline website. This helps keep all of your data in one place without having to enter it separately. In addition to a fully optimized website, Pipeline offers a mobile app. The app includes all the features you would typically have, as well as a business card scanner to make adding contacts on the go basically effortless.

Number 4: Salesforce

Salesforce is the only CRM program to offer a wide variety of categories and systems. They offer a sales cloud, marketing cloud, analytics cloud, community cloud, and so many more cloud options. With all of these different clouds, every feature you can possibly imagine is available through this CRM. They are the only CRM that offers all of these opportunities at a price that fits any size business. Different from the other CRM’s we have talked about, they offer a lead funnel dashboard instead of a timeline. The dashboard can be customized to show whatever aspects you want, depending on the needs of your business. You can click on each individual section and an in-depth explanation will be provided for whatever you need. Just like the other CRM’s out there, they offer step-by-step guidance over the entire sales process, while tracking every action to reduce the amount of time you need to spend filling in information. Since Salesforce is completely cloud-based, customers do not have to worry about installing any software, and they can bring their sales information anywhere they go with the mobile website. Salesforce was chosen as CRM Magazine’s best Enterprise CRM every year from 2009 to 2014. Overall, Software Advice says that Salesforce is the #1 recommended CRM out of all of the options.

Number 5: SharpSpring

SharpSpring’s main focus is converting leads to sales and proving the ROI of its users. They pride themselves on being an affordable option for their customers as well, claiming to be only a fraction of the cost of their competitors. They use automated email campaigns that respond to user behavior to make sure that each customer gets a personalized experience specified for what they need. Unlike their competitors, they offer detailed analyti cs after every single interaction, meaning they can craft the perfect message and send it at the perfect time with little to no effort on your end. SharpSpring even goes to the point of sending a daily list of “hot” leads, giving you the opportunity to act quickly to secure the sale. There is also a feature called VisitorID, which can identify more than two times the number of visitors that come to your website compared to the competitors. With their behavioral analysis, they can help convert those visitors to leads in virtually no time. In addition to their own SharpSpring CRM, you can also attach a different CRM of your choice, such as Pipedrive.

Number 6: Freshworks

Freshworks is the newest CRM to be integrated with Paycove. Although it’s new, there is no question that it is a great CRM option. Just like the other options, you can completely customize your account to make it exactly what your company needs. You can change the terminology, edit the module fields, and change the currency and language to fit whatever need. You can also assign roles to different employees to make sure your staff knows exactly what to work on. You’ll get the real-time notifications and status updates to ensure that you will be as productive and efficient as possible. Freshworks offers a basic plan which is free of charge, giving you unlimited users, contacts and support. If you’re looking for something a bit more advanced, they have four paid plan options. The plans start at only $12 a month per user, and as the plans increase, so do the number of available features. In the most advanced plan, which is only $79 a month per user, you are assigned a dedicated account manager, as well as over 20 features that help ease the sales process. With many different package options, any size business can afford to work with Freshworks. You also have the ability to upgrade your plan at any time if you grow or decide you need more features. If you want to downgrade your plan, you can also change that at the end of the billing cycle. Overall, Freshworks is the one of the best CRM programs. They were named the best CRM from Gartner, G2 Crowd, Get App, and Software Advice in 2019. Even though they are new to the CRM game, they have more than proved themselves.


Overall, Paycove has a CRM system for everyone. No matter what your business needs, Paycove can help you choose a CRM that will help make your sales process much simpler so you can focus on other important aspects of your business. Even if you are a small start-up, you still have many affordable options so you can get established with a CRM right from the beginning. If you’re still unsure on which CRM would be best for you, Paycove will do everything they can to assist in the decision-making process to ensure that the one you choose works best for your needs. Since every single one of these options offers a free version, testing them out will only cost you your time. Get in touch with Paycove today to start your personalized CRM experience.

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