Top Pipedrive integrations

Top Pipedrive Integrations for Accounting & Invoicing

Top Pipedrive Integrations for Accounting & Invoicing

Pipedrive is quickly becoming the CRM of choice among business professionals. And it is for a good reason.

The platform offers a suite of tools that allow you to automate your sales pipelines using deal management, goal setting and reporting, email tracking, and opportunity spotting.  It also clearly places value on financial management and reporting, as well.

One of its most significant advantages includes Pipedrive integrations for accounting and invoicing. When you can connect your most-used business management tools with your CRM, you create opportunities and efficiencies, unlike before when double-entry was king.

However, with so many options, decision-making can be overwhelming to vet and test the integrations that will work best for your industry or business. The good news is that we did the research and heavy lifting for you.

Check out the top Pipedrive integrations for accounting and invoicing to make your sales processes more manageable over the long-run horizon:

Best Sales Quote & Invoice Automation: Paycove

Paycove unlocks powerful quoting and invoicing features with Pipedrive when both are used in tandem.

Above all, the most significant advantage lies within the tool’s demonstrated understanding of today’s business needs when it comes to the sales proposal, quoting, and invoicing process.

Companies that automate with Paycove’s Pipedrive integrations for accounting and invoicing can accelerate revenue generation by streamlining the collection and billing process.

Top features of the integration include:

  • Automatic deal merging
  • Liquid templating with Pipedrive’s dynamic CRM fields
  • Deal stage/closing automation
  • Multiple payment acceptance options

Paycove is easy to set-up and configures in three simple steps:

  1. Enable the pipelines you wish to enable with Paycove in Pipedrive.
  2. Set up trigger points within your pipeline stages to automatically generate quotes and invoices.
  3. Create templates within your pipeline for the invoice or quote stage.

That’s it. Paycove automates the entire invoicing and quoting process with your Pipedrive CRM. You won’t miss having to move deals around, manually enter invoices, or copy-and-paste proposal language.

Do yourself a favor and integrate Pipedrive with Paycove for more efficient workflows and cost-savings under a paperless solution.

Best Sales Analytics: QuarterOne

QuarterOne earns the top spot for best sales analytics for several reasons.

Entrepreneurs and business owners alike appreciate how predictable it makes the sales process by offering automated forecasts via Pipedrive’s data using one-click functionality.

Companies who can effectively and accurately forecast their sales and revenue numbers are in more control of their cash flows, sales teams, and pipeline growth.

And sales teams love it since it displaces the need for useless spreadsheets that don’t update in real-time.

Top features of the QuarterOne integration include:

  • Deal spreading
  • Lock-down periods
  • Forecast versioning

QuarterOne is easy to integrate with a one-and-done approach. Users simply need an account while the backend does the rest. They currently offer a free, 14-day trial to new subscribers. Now get forecasting!

Best Financials Integration: SyncQ

The problems associated with manual data entry are two-fold. First, a more significant potential for error exists. Second, it’s a massive waste of time.

Tired of logging into QuickBooks every time you need to enter sales from Pipedrive? Say no more.

SyncQ by QuickBooks gives your financial management team a much-needed break to focus on other tasks by importing estimates, payments, invoices, and sales receipt data automatically.

And for additional reassurance, two-way syncing updates your transactions on both platforms. Not only do users benefit from financial reporting automation, but the integration also complies with Intuit’s robust security standards, giving business managers peace of mind across every industry and organization.

Top features of the SyncQ integration include:

  • Receivables tracking
  • Custom-field syncing
  • One-to-multiple deal estimations
  • Sales trend tracking

Users can contact SyncQ support for installation details. Subscription prices being at $15 per month. A single license covers all users under both accounts. Level-up your financial reporting game with the SyncQ Pipedrive integrations for accounting and invoicing.

Best Time Tracker: Timely

Ever wonder how truly efficient your sales team is? It’s a question mark no more when you combine the power of Timely and Pipedrive.

Take control of your human resources by gaining full transparency regarding time spent with automatic time tracking functionality. In short, Timely makes every second count.

Top features of the Timely integration include:

  • Resource quantification
  • Lead time scoring
  • Communications monitoring
  • Productivity insights dashboard

And it gets better. Timely doesn’t require you or your team to download a timer that you have to remember to turn off and on. It’s all tracked automatically through the Pipedrive system.

You can capture your entire team’s work for more accurate billing using beautifully-crafted reports under one location.

Set up is simple. All you need to install Timely includes:

  1. Sign-up for a Timely account.
  2. Download their Memory Tracker app.
  3. Sign-in and work throughout your day as usual.

Time spent in Pipedrive is automatically tracked and will appear in your Timely dashboard. Simply click and drag time entries to add them to your timesheets. That’s it.

The Timely Pipedrive integrations for accounting and invoicing allows you to analyze your sales activities quickly.

Best Accounting Software: Xero

Cash flow management is the Achilles’ heel of new business owners.

Sales fluctuations, economic conditions, and capital requirements can affect the amount of cash-on-hand companies have with which to manage. Forgoing cash flow management means that one can be left in a tight spot without the necessary resources.

Put your worries to rest with Xero.

Xero seamlessly integrates into Pipedrive to help managers gain a real-time understanding of their cash flow management for short and long-term accounting periods. Team members can access Xero’s rich functionality across any device with a mobile or wi-fi internet connection.

You can even create and track sales invoices on-the-fly, although a bit more manually than with an automated invoicing integration like Paycove. For team’s that want more automation and customization, but still need Xero for accounting – Paycove also integrates seamlessly with Xero.

With Paycove + Xero your team can automate your quote and invoice process from Pipedrive and sync your quote and invoice data with Xero in just a click.

Another added benefit of using Paycove and Xero together is the ability to create multiple Paycove templates and then associate a unique Xero account with each template. This is helpful for teams that are managing multiple businesses via a single Pipedrive account and still want an easy way to invoice from Pipedrive without having to create multiple accounts.

Final Thoughts on the Top Pipedrive Integrations for Account and Invoicing

As you can see, Pipedrive integrations for accounting and invoicing can make the sales process much easier for companies who want to leverage the advantages of business automation.

Managing your financial records using the previously-mentioned integrations can help you save time and money by decreasing the chances for human input error, speeding up the sales conversion process, and effectively lowering your costs per transaction.

If you’re evaluating Pipedrive’s two-week trial, use our partner link and you’ll get a whole month for free – even if you’ve already started your trial.

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