Unique Features of Paycove

Top 5 Unique Features of Paycove

Paycove in an innovative service that helps simplify all of your accounting needs. Although Paycove might not be the only service out there that can help, we pride ourselves in having multiple features that make us stand out from the rest.

Can automatically sync with your CRM of choice

With multiple CRM’s to choose from such as SharpSpring, Hubspot and Pipedrive, you’ll be able to automatically connect with whatever fits best for your business. Since every CRM is unique, Paycove will function slightly different depending on which one you choose to use. If you already use a CRM for your business, chances are we have already set up the syncing function and you’ll be able to hop right in.  Even if you haven’t worked with a CRM before, our team has the capabilities to find one that will help ease your company into accounting bliss.

The flow of information automates in real time

With any Paycove intergration you will never have to worry about missing a deadline. All information updates in real time, so as soon as a client signs a contract or expresses interest in more information, you are automatically updated. With real time automation, you’ll never have to worry about missing out on a message and having to awkwardly explain two days later that you didn’t see an update. This allows for a quicker process from beginning to end no matter what stage of the deal your client is in. In addition to quicker updates, you no longer have to worry about having the manpower to input the data. This frees up more time for your team to generate more leads without having to worry about the petty details. More efficiency will ultimately lead to greater profit for your company.

Automatically creates and sends documents

You will never have to worry about tedious editing after working with Paycove. After a deal is created, contracts can automatically be created and sent depending on the settings that you have put into place. Paycove intergrates with your CRM to help create user friendly contracts that can be sent and signed to the client within a matter of seconds. You can customize your contracts so they can include whatever specifics you feel are most important. Settings can be kept to the defaults, or can be customized separately for each client. Contracts can be sent manually as well if you prefer to have that peace of mind. Whether you prefer the ease of automation or the confidence of putting information in yourself you have multiple options with Paycove.

Track every step of your pipeline

No matter what stage your deal is in, you can easily check in and have a general idea of what your client is thinking. Once you have sent a contract URL to a client, you will get notified every time the client opens up their contracts. Notifications take the guessing game out of the contract stage, and if a contract is taking too long to get signed a reminder message can be sent to the client as often as you would like until the contract is signed.

Custom Templates

As previously mentioned, almost every aspect of your CRM process can be customized with the help of Paycove. Every client is different, which means that every contract should be as well. Using the same contract for a plumbing company and a graphic design firm is not a smart move, so changing a few features to cater to a client is a simple but effective tactic to get your contracts signed. It is also possible to skip certain steps if they are not necessary for a client. Some clients are interested from the start, so the beginning steps of gathering information are unnecessary.  Being able to customize every aspect helps simplify the sales process to make better use of your companies time.

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